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February 13th, 2016 Valentine’s Episode

On this week’s Valentine’s Day episode we discuss Kanye, Ted Cruz, Lesbians, Bodily Functions, Dental Dams and TIFU

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Use Dental Dams to protect against STDs
Latex Dental Dam near

Hoax Coaxes People Into Bricking Their iPhones by Setting Their Clocks Back to 1970
Apple logo Think Different

Shoplifter leaves behind Cell Phone & Pool of Urine – Sold out by her Husbandbrooke-amber-sutton

Passsenger Urinates on another Passenger sparking a brawl during flight because he can’t smoke & drink
Air Mediterranee Boeing 737-200 Marmet

Perez Hilton: Kanye imagines that Taylor Swift was ok with him saying he made her famousKanye Coachella 2011

Ted Cruz’s Ad Stars Porn Vixen – Eventually Pulled (Out)

Hizzoner tells New Yorkers to be PussiesBill de Blasio 11-2-2013

TIFU, really FU by not checking the bathtub
TIFU by turning myself into a human popsicle
TIFU by almost giving myself surgery


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